The site is about Ashot Khachatrian, a reputed artist in St.Petersburg. Here you are to enter a wonderful world of surprisingly bright and joyful colors being totally fascinated and bewitched by the artist`s paintings. Ashot is known to be the co-founder and chief-editor of the newspaper “Artist of Petersburg,” he takes an active part in a plenty of art-projects…. You`ll know about this and many other things on our site.
“I think the painting is the most intimate among all other arts, as the painter remains tete-a`-tete with his creation devoting it all his thoughts, feelings, ideas, subcouscionsness without any reserve. His mission is to create beauty. Painting suffers neither stories nor instructions. I deeply believe that a painting can be success only in a case if it captivated your whole being all at once.” “Benevolence is to be one of the main qualities the artist is to posses. Sincerity is essential too. If you are overwhelmed with emotions you create extremely easily. The process of creation to me is sacred. Preliminary work is also important. The artist is to be in charge of arranging frames, grounding a canvas and boiling the glue. It is the way of paving his way to the

Ashot Khachatrian