Biography of the artist Ashot Khachatrian
Born in 1954 in Hoktember, Armenia. In 1973 graduated from the Art college in Erevan. In 1975 became student of the Kh. Abovian Pedagogical college in Erevan, where he studied two years. In 1977 came to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), studied at the Repin’s Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the USSR Academy of Arts, where took seminars in 1978-1981.
His first personal show in 1991 completely changed his life – he decided to be a free artist and devote himself to painting.
In 1992 – member of the St. Petersburg League of Professional Artists, member of the board.
In 1998 – member of the Romanian League of Professional Artists
Since then Ashot is participating in artistic and cultural life of St. Petersburg – in 1992 organized two charity art exhibitions.
Ahot Khachatrian’s paintings are in the collections of the Museum of the Holy Echmiadzin, Armenia; Museum of the Armenian Church in St. Petersburg, Russia; collection of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Russia, North-West Branch; in many private collections all over the world. Among them: Armen Takhtajan, Hripsime Djanpoladian-Piotrovskaya – St. Petersburg, Russia; Leon Takhtajan, Felix Chudnovski, Sergei Lurie, Faya Causey – USA; Sune Skadegard Thorsen, Denmark.
1999 – co-editor – founder of the newspaper “Khudojnik Peterburga” (“Artist of Petersburg”). Chief-editor.